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Join our highly active community of over 2000 Flow Consultants and Mentors by the 23rd of November.

Learn how to use Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics with your coaching and mentoring clients and generate as much as $25k additional revenues per year, with a business in a box toolkit!

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We know that by removing the upfront $3000 joining fee to become a Flow Consultant and only having a monthly subscription of $150 in exchange for profile tests, during this promotion, these 70 places will fill extremely fast!

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Dear Entrepreneur,

Imagine you were tapped into and using one of the best and most creative products for building businesses and teams, in the marketplace today. A profile test and coaching programme that has already made a meaningful and measurable contribution to over 150,000 clients worldwide. A product that will help you serve your clients better, enabling you to generate consistent revenues each month within your chosen niche.

Imagine that with the attraction this product has created in the past 10 years, it already has too many customers for the company to serve! Customers who are demanding more and more access to coaching and mentoring. Customers who are requesting delivery in new cities and across new industries in over 200 countries. Imagine how easy it would be for you to find new clients, set up new programmes, create your own unique niche and constantly be able to shine in your flow... by becoming one of the key partners certified to use this product!

Well this is a reality! And it’s our Flow Consultant certification on GeniusU!

As an Entrepreneurs Institute Flow Consultant, you are joining the world’s leading coaching community for Entrepreneurs & Leaders, using the world’s leading assessment tools - Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics - for building trust and flow in business.

You will be certified to run high impact, high return on investment debriefs with either entrepreneurs or corporate leaders. These debriefs help people to find their flow and can result in thousands of dollars of Return on Investment for your clients, from only a 45 minute debrief with you!

Using GeniusU as your marketing platform, you can access over 950,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders who are looking for direct help and support from certified Flow Consultants!

We have removed the joining fee of our No 1 certification programme, so that you can join us before the 23rd of November and start building your business for 2019, right now!

I look forward to welcoming you as one of our key partners to this programme!

The Flow Consultant Certification in a nutshell

Flow Consultants are certified to run high impact, high return of investment debriefs using the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics profile tests. They are specially certified to understand all of the 8 profiles and 5 frequencies, which help individuals get into flow in the fastest way possible.

By conducting these unique profile debriefs, Flow Consultants typically go on to secure long term coaching and mentoring relationships with their clients, as they are able to help each client uniquely, based around their specific profile.

Flow Consultants can expect to earn $1000-3000 of additional revenues per month, picking up quality leads through our GeniusU platform.

During your Flow Consultant Certification you will learn:

How To interpret and understand the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics personal graphs for each client.

The process for conducting and running a high value, high Return on Investment Profile Debriefing session.

The subtle differences between each of the 8 profiles and how to help someone identify their specific path to finding their Flow.

How to measure an individual’s Trust and Flow so you can compare their before and after scores.

The best way to get each profile into Flow in the fastest way.

How to integrate Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics into your current coaching and mentoring offering.

The best practices and strategies for launching your Flow Consultant business.

What’s included in the Flow Consultant Certification

Over $4900 worth of content and value is included in this certification which now has no joining fee!

Flow Consultant online Certification - valued at $3000

16 hours / 2 days, of high value content in the online Flow Consultant Certification, learning how to run high impact, high Return on Investment debriefs using Wealth dynamics and Talent Dynamics .

Full GeniusU Mentor Status - valued at $970

Ability to connect with over 950,000 members looking for help and guidance and to be promoted by “Genie” with your own 5 star ratings and reviews.
You can

Set up your community circles to build quality leads and trust

Create your own paid or free Microdegrees on GeniusU

Set up, host and run your own events, both virtually and in real time

Share your opportunities with all of the the other members on GeniusU

Place your products and services for sale onthe GeniusU webstore

Earn affiliate commissions and track your earnings on a personalised dashboard

You will also be connected to all of the Flow Consultants, Performance Consultants and Master Trainers within Entrepreneurs Institute in our GeniusU closed circle.

A weekly training with Roger James Hamilton & the leadership team - value priceless!

Join a closed circle of mentors who connect with Master Trainers once a month for training and business development to 10x your business growth and impact.
During this call learn:

How to set up and run profitable promotions

What it takes to create real attraction to your niche and product offering

How to stand out in a really crowded marketplace

How to run highly effective digital marketing campaigns

How to get clients to say yes to you


And much much more…

Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind - Valued at $970

A full year on the Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind programme run by Roger James Hamilton.
This includes

A monthly mastermind of 11 calls to learn from some of the top entrepreneurs in our network You can ask Roger direct questions which he answers once a month in a value packed recording!

Access the full back catalogue of recordings

A community of over 1000 entrepreneurs to support your growth and share opportunities with

Also included for the first 70 Flow Consultants to join before the 23rd of November!

We are also packaging in
5 Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics Profile tokens to get you started with your clients value $485

The investment to be a Flow Consultant

Until today, to become a Flow Consultant, you have been required to invest $3000 to join with a monthly product purchase “license” each month of $150 in exchange for 3 x Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics profile tests (worth $291)

We have completely removed the $3000 upfront fee for the first 70 people to step up before the 23rd of November.

So you can now become a certified Flow Consultant
for only $150 per month over 12 months.

Flow Consultant success story - Catherine Ord

Catherine Ord became a Flow Consultant and established a brand new niche for herself as a result. Catherine was able to generate more revenue in just 1 day as a Flow Consultant, using GeniusU, than she had done in any previous month before that!

Click to watch her story


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