Digital Flow Consultant Certification
14th May - 15th May 2023

Join the worlds #1 coaching community for digital coaches, generating an additional $1000-$3000+ per week of revenues.

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Join our Digital Flow Consultant Community

We are opening up an opportunity for just 70 coaches, trainers, speakers and mentors and educators to join our incredibly successful and expanding community of Digital Flow Consultants, before 14th May 2023, for just $150 per month.

The Digital Flow Consultant
Certification in a nutshell

Digital Flow consultants are certified to run high impact, high return of investment debriefs using the Wealth Dynamics profile tests. They are specially certified to understand all of the 8 profiles and 5 frequencies, which help individuals get into flow in the fastest way possible.

By conducting these unique profile debriefs, Digital Flow Consultants typically go on to secure long term coaching and mentoring relationships with their clients, as they are able to help each client uniquely, based around their specific profile.

Five reasons to join our community as a Digital Flow Consultant before 14th May 2023


Discover the best way for you to build a $100,000+ education business next year from some of the top educators in our community. Receive several done-for-you plans, that have already worked and generated over $150,000 in just 3 months from the experts, that you can copy and paste to your own business.



Get your business in front of 1.5M entrepreneurs on our GeniusU platform, with your own store and a suite of educational products.



Join a fast-growing community of 2500 entrepreneur leaders who are connecting together to share resources, funding, team and investments all around the world.



Get free access to our best digital business training programmes that are helping entrepreneurs to generate $10,000 - $100,000 per month in new revenues online.



Become certified as a Genius Institute Flow Consultant allowing you to support your clients, using Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics as part of the #1 community of educators in the world.


The current crisis has accelerated the revolution taking place in training and education. Over 1.5 billion children have been learning from home. Over 3 billion people have been in lockdown with no face-to-face meetings, workshops or conferences.

Education technology, remote mentoring and personalized learning have all been booming. Now that people are able to return to schools and offices, many are choosing not to. With this shift comes a huge opportunity for every teacher, trainer, coach, consultant, educator and speaker.

Guild Education has raised $157 million at a billion dollar valuation to deliver online diploma programs to employees. BetterUp just raised $103 million to deliver online coaching to company leaders and staff. Our own Genius Group is having a $100 million IPO as it grows its personalised entrepreneur education courses globally.

Did you know that the global training and education market will reach $10 trillion in size by 2030? It is the biggest industry in the world ready for disruption. As we go from industrial one-size-fits-all education and training to personalised mentorship and digital learning, there are simple ways for you to benefit from this disruption today.

Now is the time to join the transformation in what we learn, where we
learn and how we learn.

That’s why we’ve opened the Digital Flow Consultant Certification for
registration today.

As an Entrepreneurs Institute Digital Flow Consultant, you are joining the world’s leading coaching community for Entrepreneurs & Leaders, using the world’s leading assessment tools - Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics - for building trust and flow in business.

You will be certified to run high impact, high return on investment debriefs with either entrepreneurs or corporate leaders. These debriefs help people to find their flow and can result in thousands of dollars of Return on Investment for your clients, from only a 45 minute debrief with you!

You will also be completing our best digital business development programmes enabling you to move faster not just to being digital but to
positively growing digitally too.

I look forward to welcoming you as one of our key partners to this amazing programme!


During your Digital Flow Consultant Certification you will learn:

How To Interpret and understand the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics personal graphs for each client.

The process for conducting and running a high value, high Return on Investment Profile Debriefing sessions.

The subtle differences between each of the 8 profiles and how to help someone identify their specific path to finding their Flow.

How to measure an individual’s Trust and Flow so you can compare their before and after scores.

The best way to get each profile into Flow in the fastest way.

How to integrate Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics into your current coaching and mentoring offering.

The best practices and strategies for launching your Digital Flow Consultant business.

How to crisis proof your digital coaching business and take advantage of the greatest disruption in the market place right now

What’s included when you join.
Over $5,500 worth of products


The Digital Flow Consultant Certification for 12 months - valued at $1,500

Join a 2 week microschool where you will learn how to run high impact, high return on Investment debriefs using Wealth dynamics and Talent Dynamics. This Certification will enable you to coach from anywhere in the world and connect with clients from over 300 cities.


36 Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics Profile tokens - valued at $3,492

During your 12 months Certification , you will receive 3 new profile tokens each month which you can sell along with a debrief for a retail price of $397 each. Each token has a retail value of $97.


Faculty Member of the Genius Institute for 12 months - valued at $1,500

As a faculty member you have the ability to share your niche with a community of over 1.5 million members.


Access into the Trusted Buyers Club - valued at $500

You will be instantly accepted into the Trusted Buyers Club with a $500 deposit, allowing you to generate a $500 of sales each week, along with over $500 worth of services and products to assist the building of your own business.
(Only available on $1500 payment).


Promotion Planning Fast track programme - valued at $1,495

Run by our Partnerships Management team, this training is exclusive to our consultant community, showing you how to set up and run powerful promotion plans that can generate $25,000 - $50,000 of additional revenues per quarter.


Full GeniusU Mentor Status - valued at $970

Ability to connect with over 950,000 members looking for help and guidance and to be promoted by “Genie” with your own 5 star ratings and reviews. You can:

Set up your community circles to build quality leads and trust.

Create your own paid Microcourses and Microschools on GeniusU.

Set up, host and run your own events, both virtually and in real time.

Share your opportunities with all of the the other members on GeniusU.

Place your products and services for sale on the GeniusU webstore.

Earn affiliate commissions and track your earnings on a personalised dashboard.

You will also be connected to all of the Flow Consultants, Performance Consultants and Master Trainers within Entrepreneurs Institute in our GeniusU closed circle.


Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind - Valued at $970

A full year on the Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind programme run by Roger James Hamilton.

A full year long access pass to all of the expert Microcourses being run through the Genius Institute.

A monthly mastermind of 11 calls to learn from some of the top entrepreneurs in our network.

Access the full back catalogue of recordings.

A community of over 2000 entrepreneurs to support your growth and share opportunities with.


A quarterly navigation call with the Partnerships Manager - valued at $500

This high impact quarterly 121, with one of our Partnerships Managers, enables you to fast track your promotion plan and annualised results. A focused 45 minutes session where both you and your business will be advised on the next best steps for growth and cash generating results.

Steps to take


On receiving your application, you will be invited to a call with one of our specially trained Genius Igniters, where we will take you through a process to define which of the 3 series you should be joining, based on the results you need to achieve in the next 3 months.

You will then be invited to an orientation call with your own facilitator where you will get focused on the key outcomes you want to achieve during the 4 weeks and where you feel you will need the most support.

Then you will be invited to join our exclusive community of Crisis leadership academy students where you can connect, share opportunities, resources and learning.


You will get access to the full Digital Flow Consultant Certification online. Its about 16 hours worth of content for you to learn all about the 8 x Wealth Dynamics profile types and Talent Dynamics profile types. This includes bonus Q&A sessions

We also provide you with all the tools to set up your digital products and services, remote team, community and payment gateway so you get all the tools as well as know-how to succeed as part of the Crisis Leadership Academy and Entrepreneur Summer school.


We will also show you how to put your products online and how to build a deep trusted community that want to do business with you.

Whilst completing the accelerator, you will begin making revenues and cash flow during the accelerator programme.

After the course completes, all program steps, course materials and the global community remaining open and accessible throughout the year.

Only 70 places available. Apply now to book your application call

Who should join?

The Digital Flow Consultant is for you if:

You are a coach, trainer, educator, mentor or speaker looking to accelerate your revenues and create a digital business that is crisis proof


If you are self employed or an employee at home looking to create a new income stream.


You are a team leader/business owner looking for a proven way to grow business results and increase levels of trust and flow in the workplace for your team


What people are saying

  • "I've been through somewhat of an epiphany around the shift to digital by partnering as a Faculty Member. I used to do only face-face training and events, and lost 30 clients overnight when the pandemic took hold but by moving to digital and by being in the Trusted Buyers Club

    I've opened myself to international markets.Within 1 week I sold 4 programmes in the Trusted Buyers Club! I don't really want to look back, I see a massive opportunity now that previously didn't seem available to me."

    - Nic Preddle - Founder of Clued Up NZ

  • "I became a Flow Consultant and City Leader of Atlanta just one year ago - The Crisis led me to drastically re think my offline coaching business. As a result of a free navigation call with one of the Partnerships Managers at Entrepreneurs Institute, I re launched a brand new digital business. I attended the Flow Consultants $15k challenge and within 1 week, I had 8 new clients on my Microschool, which helps other digitally pivoting coaches to create accelerated learning microschools within 3 weeks."

    - Lisa Michaels City Leader Atltanta and Founder of Lisa Michaels Coaching

  • "Just before the pandemic I was about to run a major event in Bali. My entire business of making visionary videos in person came to a standstill and yet people were looking for digital solutions to their new business problems and ways to stand out from the crowd, so I became a Faculty Member and joined Trusted Buyers Club.

    Within 24 hours I had made $2,000!

    And I've been invited to present on several platforms in front of thousands of entrepreneurs due to my quick pivot which has led to my dairy being full of warm prospects!"

    - Sally Griffyn - The Visionaries


GeniusU is a web and mobile platform which connects over 1,400,000+ entrepreneurs to the right network, knowledge and opportunities based on their personal values, vision, passions, talents, and purpose.

GeniusU's A.I. Genies give personalized recommendations on who to meet, how to upskill, where to go and what to do based on their stage of business growth, global location and other personalized information.

GeniusU Is Home To The Global Entrepreneur Movement, With Over 1,000,000 Social Entrepreneurs And Impact Investors Collaborating Together To Grow Their Income And Impact.

Together we have a mission to accelerate our collective progress to achieve the 17 United Nations Global Goals.

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