How to Master your Money Mindset to be Earning $10k consistently as a Digital Trainer or Coach

with Donna Izobella

26th October 2021

9am UK | 10am CAT | 4pm Singapore

Join Donna Izobella
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Clear your schedule and
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Learn how to plan your investments
for a radically uncertain future.

A masterclass in How to Master your Money Mindset to be Earning $10k consistently as a Digital Trainer or Coach - with Donna Izobella

With all of the changes we are experiencing right now, it’s becoming so hard for coaches, trainers, educators and speakers, to manage our day to day business and life, when each week, revenues are inconsistent in amounts, or worse than that, not showing up at all.

This new digital world is hard enough for many of us to navigate, without having to wonder where the first or next $10,000 of revenue is coming from and by when. The right strategy without the mindset doesn’t work.. The right mindset without the strategy doesn’t work either. So now is the time to bring them together and create a powerful money mindset guiding you to your $10k per month strategy as a Digital Coach or Trainer.

During this masterclass Donna Izobella will dive into the 5 steps that help create a swift change in mindset so that you can focus on managing your mindset around money and finances.

Join Donna Izobella, for a one hour, value packed Master class that will help you recognise how to catch triggers at an early stage of the conscious equation and how to reframe what you need to achieve.

Join Donna Izobella, for a one hour, value packed Master class in how to do this for your business.

Donna is the Head of Mentoring for GeniusU. A Creator Profile, Donna has mentored thousands of Entrepreneurs from a diverse range of industries, to generate multi million dollar plans and then supported them to execute on the delivery with clarity and vision.

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Five reasons to join this masterclass

  • You have a habit of undercharging or worse, not charging clients and over-deliver value when you coach them.

  • Find yourself procrastinating around any money-generating activities and shying away having a discussion around finances.

  • You have a massive resistance or fear around being successful in your finances or cash flow.

  • You are doing well financially and cannot see how you could even increase your income without working much harder.

  • You have a great business or business idea and cannot seem to make enough money from it to cover your basic expenses.



This masterclass is available anytime.

Tuesday, 26th October 2021
9AM UK | 10AM CAT | 4PM Singapore



The webinar will take place online, which
means you can watch from the
comfort of your home.

This training is for you if you are:

  1. If you are a coach, trainer, consultant, educator, mentor or speaker, who is looking to enhance their business by finding a way to manage your mindset around money.

  2. If you have just started a brand new training or education business and are looking to make consistent $10,000 of revenues.

  3. If you are wanting to learn a proven, successful model to make sure your business and team continue to grow year on year despite these challenging times.


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What people are saying

"You're amazing. You have the gift of insight that is perfectly balanced with a strong knowledge base and a warm/caring spirit. This gives me the confidence that you understand my challenges and allows me to trust that you are really and truly providing wise counsel and situation appropriate direction. I know that me, the business and the vision are getting extraordinary care in guidance with your support. Thank you so much!"

- Randall Dobbins - Diversity Works, LLC

"Thank you so much, Donna, for guiding us through an extraordinary week of WDM. I've greatly appreciated your intuitive, personalized, thoughtful, honouring feedback, expertise and business acumen. Always inspired and expansive, yet simultaneously grounded. I'm looking forward to journeying with you again during the upcoming Leader 5.0 microschool. Thank you again for all you bring to the table and your heartfelt service."

- Fatima Bacot - Shambhalla Global

"Donna is an amazing transformational mentor. Determined to get under the skin of your business -and the soul of its owner – she dedicates her time and energy to see you win. Combining her extensive business knowledge and money mindset with an intuitive approach to growth, she quickly senses and unblocks what is in the way and limits you. With her heart on her sleeve she gently enables you to re-focus and take ownership of your ability to make your vision happen and add value to others. Donna, thank you."

- Myriam Crete



Donna Izobella is a Creator and Head of Training & Crystal Circle Program.

Donna is an entrepreneur, business growth strategist and consciousness mentor. Devoted to helping leaders achieve ultimate success in life + business. She founded a system for self-awareness and development back in 2007 based on both modern EQ principles and ancient wisdom from Chinese and Indian practices. Through LIVE IT UP 360 she has personally coached thousands of individuals to shift their patterning and step into a great self awareness and performance.

A business consultant (and former accountant) for over 20 years she has been in the trenches of over 1000 businesses from a very diverse range of industries. Supporting founders and their teams with consultancy and training in both operational and strategic leadership.

In 2019 Donna joined the Entrepreneurs Institute team looking after key business partnerships and is now the program manager and Head Coach for Roger’s VIP Crystal Circle mentoring program.

She is here to support your business growth and YOU as an entrepreneur.


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